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Upload your properties for long term rental, our over 120.000 expat members are looking for new homes!

MyExpatsWorld is a global membership organisation for expats and we help many people who moved abroad with many things. In this case we help them to find a new place to live through our platform "MyGlobalRentals". If you are a Real Estate Company you pay only 29€ per month and get unlimitied access to upload your properties for rent - we start you up with a 10 day free trial! 

1. Check the platform www.myglobalrentals.com out - click here!

2. Fill in the form and our rental support will contact you to get you started.

3. We will set you up as Company Member with a 10 day free trial period

4. Give us direction to your page and we will put up all your rental objects for you

5. Send us an email when you have new objects so we can publish them also

6. When someone inquires one of your objects we will send you an email so you can follow up and close the deal

7. Put your card in for the 29€ per month charge when you get the email reminder in the end of your 10 day free trial. You can unsubscribe for the service when ever you like

Welcome to find new rental clients!

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