3 reasons gay travelers should choose Greece for their September

Greece is undoubtedly one of the top destinations for gay travelers in Europe. Mykonos has long been the most-visited ‘gay’ island in the Mediterranean and Athens, the capital, seems to be growing evermore popular with gay men on their holidays.

Plus, travelers are increasingly aware that summer in Greece lasts beyond July and August and into late September. This small Mediterranean country leads the the trend for early-autumn holidays.

But what are the main reasons to chose an amazing Greek destination for your vacation this September?

1 Lower prices for a longer stay

While the weather is still perfect and the Greek destinations vivid, you will definitely notice an decrease in prices levels. Visit Greece during September and upgrade your holidays by staying in a mind-blowing luxurious hotel, paying the same money you would have paid if you had visited Greece in August and stayed in a lower grade hotel.

If you get the chance to visit the more alternative islands like Folegandros, Milos and Paros, you will be surprised by the excellent value for money.

2 Great atmosphere but not crowded

Have you ever visited the amazing beaches of Mykonos but found it was impossible to get a sunbed and umbrella? This will be a rare scenario if you travel during September: the masses have already left for the big cities, but the destinations have still got enough visitors that make them feel vivid and vibrant, as the summer continues to go on. In the most popular destinations, such as Santorini, it might even be hard to believe that you are spending the first days of autumn, since they are filled with people enjoying themselves.

3 The weather is awesome

Summer is still in motion, seasonal shops and businesses are still operating, but the temperatures are not annoyingly high. You will be able to enjoy the amazing Greek beaches and sun in their best condition. Spend more time on the beach and get the perfect tan! If you are visiting Athens, the great weather will allow you to explore the hidden corners of the capital and feel the vivid and flirty vibes of the city!

Here are our top three destination suggestions for gay travelers visiting Greece this September, chosen by the travel experts Destsetters:

Folegandros – for couples on their honeymoon

Folegandros is a small island that gay travelers love, for its traditional Cycladic character as well as its amazing views. The landscapes and great beaches make it an ideal destination for gay couples looking for relaxation and quality time together. The boutique hotels of the island add to the romantic and relaxing ambiance. In General, September stands out as the best month to travel to Folegandros with your partner.

Where to stay: Anemi Hotel is the ideal choice if you are looking for a stylish design hotel, that will host some of the most unique and unforgettable moments with your partner during your September holidays in Greece. The excellent service, the beautiful rooms,and the mind-blowing cuisine, will definitely upgrade you Cycladic summer experience.

Athens – for city break lovers

The Greek capital climbs ever higher on the charts for the perfect city destinations for gay travelers. September is definitely the best month to visit Athens, as you will still feel the summer ambiance of the city, while all Athenians, having just returned from their summer holidays in the Greek islands, are starting to prepare for the winter season, giving the city a really lively rhythm. The great temperatures will allow you to explore the streets of the city into the evening. Plus you’ll still have the opportunity to enjoy swimming and sunbathing at the beautiful nearby beaches.

Where to stay: NJV Athens Plaza, located right in the heart of Athens, is definitely the best choice for your September holidays in the city. It’s close to all the gay hotspots and will offer you a shelter of flawless design and remarkable service.

Chania – for nature lovers

Crete has become an unexpected trend for gay travelers in Greece, and the picturesque town of Chania is definitely the most sought-after destination therein. It combines scenic urban vibes with traditional elements, the amazing world-known beaches and the famous natural landmarks like Samaria Gorge. Chania is the top destination for gay travelers wanting to explore Greek culture and nature at its best. Even without an organized gay life, Crete gives gay travelers a fascinating, alternative gay scene. It has unofficial gay beaches and places to be, to make you feel like a hunter under the Greek sun.

Where to stay: Alcanea Boutique Hotel seems to be the perfect choice for your September holidays in Chania. It’s located in the center of the town, and boasts the traditional architecture. As such, Alcanea becomes the best reference point for island exploration. It offers you the chance for complete relaxation and peace.

BY: GSN Contributor




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