Thousands Gather In Rome To Celebrate Mother Teresa's Canonisation Today

Rome:  All roads, it seems, are leading to the Vatican today. From US, Japan, Uganda, Pakistan, New Zealand, Australia, Portugal, and of course India.

All come to be part of the canonisation today of a woman who somehow touched their lives. Mother Teresa.

"Fantastique," beamed a lady from Portugal when asked what she thought of Mother Teresa.

Her friend, with Portugal written on his red T-shirt, said in English, "I love Mother Teresa."

The Indians are at the Vatican in strength. One of the groups is the Kolkata pilgrims, 130 strong, half of them Christian, others not.

One couple in the group is a bit of both. Angelina is a Christian and her husband, Sandeep, a Hindu. They have come to the Vatican with their three children.

"For me, Mother Teresa is someone who did good to humanity. Even if she was not a Christian, I would have called her a saint," said Sandeep.

Angelina: "Mother Teresa is my mother."

Rome has seen many canonisations, but this one, it seems, has caught the attention of the entire world.

"Yes I have seen many saints being declared," said Rafael, taxi driver. "But for this one, people have come from all over the world, not just from one country," he added.

"Of course we know Madre Teresa" said Stefan who runs a bistro a mile or so from the Vatican. "She has helped the poorest of the poor. You and I don't do it, do we?" he questioned.

The canonisation will begin at 10 am Vatican time. (1.30 pm IST).

BY: Monideepa Banerjie



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