This gigantic flower carpet in Brussels is made of 600,000 blooms

An enormous carpet made of flowers blossomed earlier this month in Brussel’s Grand Place in Belgium. Filled with images of flowers, birds, and the sea, this 1000-square-meter tapestry was created to celebrate 150 years of friendship between Belgium and Japan. Designed by nonprofit association Tapis de Fleurs, the project was brought to life with the help of volunteers, illustrators, graphic designers, and even architects.

All told, around 600,000 different blossoms were used to create the display. The influence of Japanese illustrations is obvious when you look at the tapestry from above; it incorporates common motifs found in Japanese art such as koi and cranes. Illustrations of flowers dotting the image represent the passage of the seasons.

The flower carpet is a tradition within Brussels, blanketing the city square every two years with begonias. The carpet is 77 meters long and 24 meters wide, and it takes about 120 volunteers four hours to assemble. The tradition began in 1971 and has continued until this day. Each flower carpet is accompanied by a specially composed musical theme, and the event is marked by an evening concert and light show.

Unfortunately, the carpet lasts only a few days before the flowers fade and it has to come down again. This year’s carpet has already come and gone, but if you’d like to stop by and see it for yourself, start planning your 2018 summer vacation!

BY: Julie M. Rodriguez 



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