Abu Dhabi Municipality creates pink women-only parking bays

ABU DHABI // Nearly 200 parking bays for women only, painted pink and white, have been allocated at multi-storey buildings in Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi Department of Municipal Affairs and Transport said on Monday that the 182 parking bays will help

Twenty-six spots are located on Hamdan Street behind Liwa Centre, 18 in the corniche area, 28 behind Trianon Hotel off Fatima bint Mubarak Street, 18 behind Health Authority Abu Dhabi, 26 on Liwa Street, 25 behind Al Noor Hospital on Khalifa Street, and 41 in Al Dana area, behind the offices of Abu Dhabi Tawteen Council.

Mawaqif inspectors will ensure that the spots are not used by male motorists. Offenders will be fined for illegal parking and their vehicles will be impounded, the municipality said.

BY: The National staff




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