The 7 Best Pubs In And Around Dublin With A Cosy Fireplace

It's not the worst of days out there but it's most definitely not the best.

On a day like today there's nothing you want more than to be snuggled safely away inside of a warm and cosy pub.  Get yo'self a hot whiskey, put your feet up and feel that warmth on your body. 

1. The Library Bar, Exchequer Street, Dublin 2 
Tucked away on the first floor of the Central Hotel on Exchequer Street you'll find a toasty drawing room with an open fire. So toasty, in fact, that you won't want to leave. Ever.

2. Whelan's 
Me old haunt has a hidden gem of its own. The Parlour, the private upstairs in Whelan's, is a laid back and comfortable room with an inviting fire. It's the perfect spot for a few relaxing drinks but once it hits around 11pm it becomes pretty lively, so there's always the option to escalate it to a whopper night out. Only downside of the Parlour is you have to book in before you go. So no spontaneous trips there, I'm afraid.

3. Slattery's Bar 
Slattery's Bar is always warm and verrrrrry cosy. It can be found on Capel Street, just a a stone's throw away from the Jervis Shopping Centre. They have plenty of large TV screens, so if you're trying to catch a match this place is for you. Just a warning, Slattery's do have a dress code and don't let people in who are wearing tracksuit bottoms!

4. The Harbour Bar, Bray
Creep upstairs to discover one of the cosiest converted attics around. 
And one heck of a fire. Settle back into a comfy armchair and daydream your time away. 

5. The Bloody Stream, Howth
If you happen to live in and around Howth, you're a very lucky human. 
However, if not, it's a mere DART ride away with plenty of sea air, brilliant walks, fish and chips and creamy pints of the black stuff to keep you going all day long.  Plus, The Stream is conveniently located below the DART station, so you can stay 'til the very last minute.

6. O'Neill's Bar and Restaurant
O'Neill's Bar is just around the corner from Trinity College and is set in a very historical part of Dublin, where every night there's a buzzing atmosphere and it's great for a shneaky pint. Their food is as Irish as it gets – spuds, meat and a pool of gravy. They always make you feel welcome and if you're lucky you'll catch one of their traditional music sessions. 

7. Toners Pub
Toners on Baggot Street boasts a cosy heated smoking area which makes it perfect for a relaxed session, and of course a wonderful fireplace. 
Monday through to Sunday, it's jam-packed with people stopping by for after work drinks and it's a very lively spot on the weekend too. 

BY Alana Laverty



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