Plan your route to Istanbul’s Prince Islands

Istanbul’s Prince Islands are one of the best choices for people seeking to escape the noise and crowds of the city, you only need to choose an island and board a ferry.

The Prince Islands are among the most preferred destinations in the summer as they are close to the city and have natural beauty. The islands can be seen from many parts of Istanbul and you can get there in 30-45 minutes with sea bus services. On the Prince Islands you can hear carriage sounds and see children riding their bikes while enjoying the nostalgia of the island and seeing century-old mansions. You can travel by ferries departing from Sirkeci, Eminönü, Kadıköy, Bostancı, Kabataş and Kartal.

The biggest of the Prince Islands, Büyükada is also the most advanced one. There is a wide bike path for those who want to ride around Büyükada, while carriage tours are a tradition.

People who trek up the island’s hill deserve the spectacular views Aya Yorgi Church, located on the highest point of the island. The Hristos Monastery and Greek Orphanage are other places to visit on the island. You can also take a delightful tour of the island while having an ice cream from Roma Ice Cream, located at the center of the island.

Burgazada, the next stop after Kınalıada, is the third largest of the Princes Islands. The flag hill atop the island promises a spectacular view. You can reach the flag hill by renting a bike or a 45-minute walk. Another important point on the island is the restaurant located on the top of Kalpazankaya hill. Here you can get the chance to watch the sunset while sipping your drinks. Faik Abasıyanık’s mansion, where he lived years ago, is also among the places to visit on the island.

Although there are not so many historic buildings on Kınalıada, the ferry first stop, it enchants visitors with its beautiful nature. Kınalıada has many beaches where people choose to swim. You can also breathe in the fresh air of the island while sitting in the cozy tea gardens.

Heybeliada, the second largest island, stands out as the richest one in terms of green areas. Therefore, it is the right address for those who want a picnic. The Aya Triada Monastery, on the top of the island’s highest hill, can be visited with special permission. You can also enjoy this green island by joining a bike or carriage tour.

Source: hurriyet daily news



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