Locals asked to name 1,334 of Amsterdam’s bridges

Amsterdam city council has launched a public competition to find names for the city’s 1,334 anonymous bridges. Of the 1,680 bridges in the city, 346 have an official name. The rest, the council has decided, should also have a moniker and officials are asking locals to come up with suggestions. A bridge could, for example, be named after someone who has contributed significantly to the city, such as the Berlage bridge over the Amstel, which named after the architect. Other bridges have names which have developed over the years, such as the tourists’ favourite Magere (skinny) bridge or the Liefdesbruggetje (love bridge) in Oost. The city has drawn up an official list of criteria. Names must be easy to pronounce and spell and ‘diversity’ is considered an important factor.

Published: http://www.dutchnews.nl/news/archives/2016/07/amsterdammers-asked-to-name-1334-of-the-citys-bridges/



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