The Life of an Expat in Thailand

It’s indeed interesting to live in a foreign place where the cultures of people are different from that of one’s upbringing. Yet, it is a challenge to know different sub-cultures in order for one to adjust whenever fate calls for it.
There is one particular country where many chose to make their home and settle for a job because of its fascinating culture including its scenery, cuisine and lifestyle—and it’s in Thailand, a fairly well-developed nation. Also known as “The Land of the Free”, Thailand has a lot of places which are captivating for expatriates for their popularity, and to mention some there’s Bangkok, Phuket, Khao Lak and Krabi.

Being an expatriate in Thailand is never easy at first. You have to learn even little of their language in order for you to communicate with people well especially when you ride taxis or when you go to restaurants and shops.
As an expatriate, endurance of a less convenient lifestyle is a necessity for you to survive. Usually, you rent an apartment where there is no appliances, no hot water, not even a kitchen. By doing use, you will be able to save a lot of money. 
It’s always a good thing of socializing with Thais because they are gentle and friendly people. Taxis are expensive so the ideal is to use the bus and subway system or you may choose to buy a used motorcycle. It’s also ideal to stay away from popular places because the more popular a region is, the expensive the goods are. Some of the less popular places are Chinatown and Victory Monument in Bangkok. Eating on sidewalk restaurants where low price foods are available can be a great help to save. One thing that is popular in the mainstays of Thai is the night market where street vendors sell a lot of goods to the public at night.

Some of the most common works of expats in Thailand are teaching jobs, computer and IT jobs, writing and editing jobs, culinary jobs and entertainment jobs. Teaching English is really in demand provided that you are a licensed teacher.Being a good translator is also a high demand for businesses. 
Many occupations, though, are restricted to be practiced by expatriates in Thailand. Some of them are legal or lawsuit services, auction, supervising, handicrafts and street vending. Businesses related to national security and safety of Thailand are also prohibited jobs for foreigners.

The best strategy in order to survive a life of an expatriate life in Thailand is to respect its laws and culture. These are just some of the basics in a Thai lifestyle as an expatriate. Once you overcome the challenges on these things, eventually it would turn out to be a normal life for you.




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