Why Everyone Would Like To Live In Belgium?

What will you experience living in Belgium?
Here’s what people say:

Lucrative market job
If you’re a qualified skilled professional, chances are you will get a great job that is suited to your chosen career. Plus, numerous international companies are sited in the city. So, finding a job is not a problem because many companies offer the best job for you.

Commuting is made easier
Though trains may be full, distances inclined to become relatively short. Also, tickets are cheaper then other parts of the world. Even if you don’t own a car, commuting will not be a hassle on your part.

Housing is fairly affordable
Unlike in London or Amsterdam, housing in Belgium is normally much lower. There is no shortage of inexpensive property to purchase, and also to rent. This is especially true, if you consider not to live in a city.

Excellent transport connections
Working and living in Belgium means that you are never far from any capital city in Europe. The North Sea coast in Belgium will only take you few hours of tour before reaching the UK by boat or train. A 3 hours drive will bring you to Paris and within 4 hours you fly to Athena.

Language? That’s not a problem!
There are many people from other countries who cannot speak English. That’s why visitors and even newbies find it hard to communicate with them and become sociable. However, you will never find difficulty communicating with the residents of Belgium, because they speak pretty well in English. Also, the working language in many big companies is English. It has a huge expat inhabitants and you can be able to survive in many cases in English.

Great drinks and foods
If you love exploring delicious foods and drinks, Belgium will leave your palate craving for more! Even the French are very much surprised with the world renowned cuisine of Belgium. There is also huge variety of excellent Belgium beers to try.

More comfortable work culture
Belgium’s work culture is more comfortable in the UK. All employees have more social benefits and legal protection. Aside from that, there are more public holidays.

So, why not Belgium? Not only people are amaze by the unique and beautiful places they have seen, but the transportation, language, foods and drinks, among others are next to none.

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