The Typical Madrid Apartment vs Your Expat Quality Expectations

Madrid is a great place to live, mainly because it is a capital city with all you need, and with a great quality of life you do not have in London or Paris: no stress, no insecurity, you can eat out for as much as 10 €, people are open and talkative.
You want to find a modern apartment, ready to move in, in the center, for a reasonable price ? It is possible – in fact, that’s what we do at Moving2Madrid. As such, I can say it’s not easy.

Go right now to the main portals, such as fotocasa or idealista, and have a quick look at what you find for your budget. You will not like what you see at first, and the ones you like are already rented or sold, or are going to be very soon.
Yes, Madrid is a great place to live, but you have to know that the typical Madrid flat does not comply with the expectations of most newly arrived expats.
Plainly put, the average quality of real estate in Madrid (and in other main Spanish cities) is significantly below the average quality in other big cities, and especially in the USA.

This means that even with the crisis, there is more demand than offer for quality, premium or luxury flats a bit like the photo at the start of this post.
So, what do you do now ?
Start with your “Must-haves”– usually the following:

Minimum number of bedrooms
Maximum commute to centre/office/university whatever place you will go to most often in Madrid.
Make a first selection and refine it based on your personal “nice-to-have”– usually the following
Furniture and equipment quality,
Specific neighbourhoud,
Extra space,

Come back to your list and see how the market adjusts to it:
Have a look at rental prices for apartments expat like and compare to your budget and expectations,

Do know that 3 most valuable things are: location, light and if the flat is modern, this is pretty rare.

Prepare targeted and differentiated viewings to let your gut tell you what you really prefer. Yes, you do not really know what you prefer before seing what the market has for you, and asking yourself – “Do I see myself living here?”




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