Top reasons expats make the move...

Career-focused professional migrants are most likely to move overseas
Expats are a transient lot, moving from one place to another. And, while making this move, there are some factors that determine whether an individual will switch countries or not.

MoveHub, a company that helps expats make informed decisions about where to move, analysed over 180,000 of their customers’ moves to find out what are the top reasons that can make people decide to move or not and which category of people are most likely to do so.
Reasons people move abroad

There is no definitive answer to this question and largely depends on the individual’s circumstances. However, there are several factors that make people move and the decision to leave could be influenced by either one or several of these push triggers. These include
Better quality of life
Career progression
Economic pressure
Family ties
Lifestyle change

“Any combination of these seven factors can be the driving force behind someone’s desire to move abroad,” says the survey.
Professional migrants

And who are most likely to move countries? As per this study, there is one particular group that stand outs. They are called ‘professional migrants’ based on their reasons for moving overseas.

These category of people move abroad for job opportunities, a new experience, and financial independence.

The findings also highlight that these movers are typically between the ages of 25 and 44. “However, anyone from university age to retirement age can be a professional migrant, as long as they are career focused and global nomads at heart. Even you could be a professional migrant.”

Talking of the UAE as an expat destination, it has been consistently ranked as a top choice due to high salaries, generous benefits packages, and a greater quality of life in the country.

According to HSBC’s Expat Explorer 2015 survey, the UAE is a bright spot despite global employment growth stalling at 1.4 per cent according to the International Labour Organisation.

The survey states that expats continue to flock to the country due to the better job prospects and higher salaries on offer. Over half (53 per cent) say that the country is a good place to advance a career – compared to the global average of 41 per cent - while a large number also believe it is a good place to acquire new skills (47 per cent).

A previous LinkedIn study, which covers more than 380 million members around the world, also showed that the UAE remains the most popular destination for professionals beating other job markets like Canada, Australia and Singapore.




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