Ringgit improves against British pound

KUALA LUMPUR: The ringgit opened lower against the US dollar (USD), Singapore dollar (SGD), Japanese Yen and Euro as trading commenced at 9.02am today.

With the USD, most Asian currencies suffered the same fate with the increased expectation that there will be a US interest rate hike soon.

The lack of buying interest in the ringgit brought it down to 4.1480 against the USD from 4.1410 at 5pm on Wednesday.

It also did not help to put the ringgit back below the RM3 mark against the SGD, opening at 3.0123 from Wednesday’s close of 3.0040

The ringgit slipped to 4.6404 against the euro, from 4.6185, and slid against the yen to 3.7895 from 3.7683 yesterday.

Only parents with children in the UK will be pleased to know that the ringgit improved against the British pound to 5.9810 from 5.9871 on Wednesday.

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