Marbella needs expats

Marbella’s councillor for tourism and foreign residents Jose Luis Hernandez has backed up its mayor in saying that expats are vital for the success of the town. 

Mayor Angeles Munoz said last week that expats should be voting in local elections, and Hernandez has now said the large expat community based along the Costa del Sol is crucial for the region’s future. 

Hernandez explained that the problem at present was that there were many expats who have integrated into the local community and fit perfectly into the Spanish society, but they are unaware they are allowed to vote. 

He said that expats had done a great deal in contributing towards life in Marbella and the wider Costa del Sol region, and were among the reasons the area was so special. He noted that it was important they were aware of their importance within the community and that they could have their say politically. 

The councillor has urged expats to register to vote as soon as they could because the deadline falls on 30 December. He also encouraged them to register on the town hall register, explaining that if they do so, Marbella would receive more money from the government. 

This, he said, would mean greater investment in schools, health services, police, public works, taxis and a number of other social and economic issues. He added that as well as having a right to make things better, expats also had a duty to, because they could help improve the region as a whole. 




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