Restaurants in Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s restaurant scene – like its population – is an international melting pot of different cultures. It's renowned for its Indonesian food, but other Asian influences from Thailand to Japan to China are evident everywhere.

While good-quality authentic Dutch food can sometimes be hard to come by, the proximity of the Netherlands’ neighbouring countries means that French and Mediterranean kitchens are well represented.

There is no shortage of restaurants in Amsterdam, but the price-quality ratio can be unfavourable compared to some other European cities. For a hearty good-value meal, head to one of the city’s ‘brown cafés’, named for their nicotine stained walls, where diners can sample the local beers alongside staples such as steaks, satay and salads. Chinatown (along Zeedijk, close to Nieuwmarkt) also offers a plethora of reasonably priced Asian restaurants. At the other end of the scale, there are some serious fine-dining options.

While in Amsterdam, expats should try some of the local snacks: pancakes (often savoury), pickled herring (look out for the brightly coloured fish stalls, usually at canal intersections) and chips with mayonnaise (look for the ‘Vlaamse frieten’ signs).

Service is renowned for being poor in Amsterdam, as waiting staff do not rely on tips for their salary. If diners do receive good service, however, it’s customary to leave a 10 percent tip.




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