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If you’re thinking about moving to London and want to know what exactly to expect, have a look at our personal tips and stories below. We moved to London in 2013 and love to tell you all about what is it like to live in London City.

Expat London: Our Personal Diary
From the moment we moved from The Netherlands to London, we’ve been keeping a week-by-week diary of our experience with living in London. We also cover our other adventures around the world, but the main focus is on our life in London and the struggles (and lots of fun) we have over here!

London Neighborhoods
When you’re moving to London, you have the choice of so many different areas for living in London, it can be so hard to choose! We’d love to show you all the different London neighborhoods and point you in the right direction (literally!).

Work in London
Our best tips for working in London that every expat should read. Also our advice on living costs in London and experiencing London on a budget.

Transportation in London
Moving around in a new city can be confusing, even if you’ve been there a while! Here are our guides on using London transport, helpful for when you’re an expat in London, or just visiting.

Activities in London
Living in a new city is not just about the practical side like work and money, it’s also about discovering what fun things there are to see and do! If you’re wondering what to see in London, from unique London activities and events to famous London landmarks and hotspots, this section is for you.

Day trips from London and UK Weekend Breaks
Here are our suggestions for great trips to make in the rest of the United Kingdom: England, Wales and Scotland. We’ve already made some weekend breaks in England and Wales ourselves, but we cannot wait to experience more soon!

Other Tips for Expats in London
As a London expat, there will be a whole new world opening up for you in terms of discovering a new city, finding your way around and participating in the many social events London is rich. Here are our best tips for websites that are useful to expats in the uk and general travel tips.

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