This is Alicante Life

If you're thinking about visiting Alicante, living here already or are you just interested in seeing what it's like to live in another place, here is what I come across while living in the Spanish city of Alicante on the Mediterranean coast.

New challenge
I have been really naughty and abandoned this blog for a while, but it was all for a good cause. Here's what happened...

I opened my own home decoration and gift shop!
Yes, I was busy renovating the premises and redecorating, and finally opened the doors a month ago. It's a small boutique shop selling decoration and gifts, and I also give craft workshops in English.

The space has tall ceilings and lots of walls so I display local artists work too. I would love to tell you more about it because it's my little baby but it's best you take a look at the Facebook page... or go to the for shop info.

It's in the centre of Alicante on Calle Poeta Quintana 31 (the street with the ribbons, or 'la calle de las cintas') so pop in if you are in town.  
Oh and don't worry, this blog will still be about Alicante and not my shop... I just had to tell you why I hadn't posted lately.

Because I was so busy I missed out on posting about what has been happening here in Alicante.  I didnt get to tell you about the Carnival in Alicante, this year in March, nor the Easter week traditions and processions in April, or the pilgrimmage to Santa Faz... However these are traditional events so I will tell you about them next year.

There is currently a film festival on, although not on the scale of Cannes and the preparations are taking place for the Hogueras festival in June.  The weather is fantastic (not too hot and certainly no too cold) so it's a nice time of year to visit the Ciudad de la Luz...
That's Alicante, by the way!

Don't forget your sunglasses!




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