What's it like to be an expat in Rome? (An Interview with Tiffany Parks)

After what Tiffany went through upon immediately moving to Rome full-time, it’s safe to say that the above statement is true for her and dozens of other expats.

Her story of her passion for Italy has taken so many different routes, and I know that you’re going to love hearing about how her first Italian boyfriend helped her learn the language, be riveted by her story of living with a psychopath, and enjoy hearing about how she met her current Italian husband.

You’ll learn:
-How Tiffany got to Rome in the first place and how she made a living
-How she used her passion for opera to learn Italian and connect to Italy
-What steps she took to get the process started for moving to Italy
-What one point you’ll hear from many expats about staying in Italy without permission
-The truth about the dangers of moving to a foreign country by yourself
-Tiffany’s top two pieces of advice for avoiding dangerous situations in Italy
-Four methods that Tiffany used to become fluent in Italian
-Which two areas of the language she struggled with, even at an advanced level, when she arrived in Rome

" “You can take classes until you turn blue, but if you don’t practice, and if possible practice with native speakers, it’s difficult to reach any level of proficiency.”

Published http://icebergproject.co/italian/2014/10/whats-it-like-to-be-an-expat-in-rome-an-interview-with-tiffany-parks/



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