Over half-term break we had the opportunity to have our first beach “holiday” in Mallorca, Spain. This island off the coast in Spain in the Mediterranean met all of our expectations, except for the schnitzel on the beach bar menu. We knew we made the right choice when Adrian was mid gallop in the turquoise water yelling “I love the beach!” Even after a dramatic jellyfish attack, both kids are still buzzing about this trip.  (Don’t miss the picture gallery above) 

The British know how to go on holiday (or as we refer to vacation) to warm places. After living in this country for the past five months, I can understand why everyone needs sun and warmth. I had heard of Mallorca before and this island continued to come up in conversation when asking locals where they like to go for a warm beach holiday. We knew we wanted to go somewhere in Spain over half-term break and originally were thinking Barcelona. The thought of the bustling city of Barcelona with the kids made me want to go somewhere more relaxed. After looking at plane tickets and finding an awesome villa right by a small beach, we decided that Mallorca was our next family adventure.

We have developed a bit of an obsession with looking at properties on Air BNB. This entire vacation was based around finding this villa which was located in the north eastern part of the island. It was right across the street from a small beach called Cala Gat. The house we rented was rather large as it would sleep up to 10 people. Interestingly, this house was actually smaller than our house back in Nebraska and it felt enormous. You can tell we are becoming accustomed to tight European living spaces. As you will see from the pictures, the house was a traditional Spanish villa with the open front porch facing the road and the beach. This is where we hung out in the morning, day and night. Once the kids had gone to bed, we would go out on the patio and enjoy a glass or wine listening to the rhythmic sound of the ocean.

This was our home base beach for the week which was beautiful! You can’t see it from this picture but our house was through the trees between the white house and the tree on the beach.

Cala Gat is just a short walk to the town of Cala Ratjada. Mallorca has a large expat community and certain parts of the island tend to attract the same types of people. Cala Ratjada was a German town. It was odd to see German restaurants on this Spanish island and we never once heard English on our beach, only German. This explains the schnitzel that was served at our little beach bar. Putting the schnitzel aside, this was a fantastic beach for the kids.

Early in the morning we would go down to Cala Gat and the kids would have a great time playing in the water and the sand. Once again, our kids were the loud Americans among the sun bathing German crowd. When there is no wind, I swear the entire beach could here Adrian. All days except one we made no plans and tried to just enjoy the moment without having too many things scheduled. Mallorca has 120 beaches on the island so there is plenty to see or do. We both said you could easily spend months there exploring all there is to offer.

Almost everyday the weather was in the mid 70s which made our time there lovely since it never got too hot. The water was quite cold on the beaches so we didn’t spend a ton of time swimming in the water. We rented a car and you can get to about anywhere on the island in under 2 hours. Almost everyday we would pack up the car with the beach essentials which included a dollar store water gun that Adrian named his “boomer gunner.” We visited the beaches of Playa de Muro, Alcúdia Beach andCala Santanyi Beach. All of them were different in their own ways but they provided a playground of excitement for the kids and relaxation for the adults.

Most evenings we ate and chilled out at our villa rather than going to a restaurant. This was just easier, if you have small kids you know what I mean. After dinner we decided to go for a walk down the road from the house. The kids had a great time running around and were driving us a bit bonkers at that point in the night. I love these pictures of how things transpired on this walk.

Kids are running and having fun, not watching for cars and stressing us out.

But of course, looking cute in the process and of course, puppy was along too.

I am doing what I do best, drinking wine…

And Jasa is loving this family vacation so far…

You know “that” moment when you just want to be responsible for yourself, come on parents…you know what I am talking about. Okay, now that our moment is out of the way we continued to the end of the street to enjoy the sunset and take some pictures.

The kids wouldn’t hold still to take a picture with me so I did a little senior picture posing.

The only day we had something planned was our last day which was a private boat ride from Let’s Sail. After our boat trip in Capri, I had so much fun seeing the island that I wanted to do it again with the kids. I found Let’s Sail on Trip Advisor and set up our tour with Ramiro. He started the business a couple of years ago and thanks to awesome reviews on Trip Advisor, his business has really started to take off. Ramiro was fantastic and if you are looking for an opportunity to see some of the coast and be able to dictate your day, this is the way to do it.

We had to drive an hour and a half to Port de Soller on the other side of the island for a 10:00am sail. Port de Soller is a charming town that is surrounded by mountains. Driving to the town at times felt like we were in Colorado.

Ramiro met us in front of a hotel in the port and had apple juice boxes for the kids (brownie points) and took us to the sail boat in the middle of the harbor. The sail boat had a cabin underneath which included a bathroom, kitchen and a couple of beds. Lets just say the kids were very intrigued by the bottom of the boat and spent a lot of time going up and down the stairs and laying on the bed.

It took us about an hour to get to a cove called Sa Foradada which was stunning. This was what you saw coming up to the cove before going around to the left of the cliff.

We anchored inside the cove which was beautiful. We had the opportunity to get in the water or we could go ashore as there was a restaurant that you can only reach by boat or on a 30 minute hike- can you spot it in the picture below? We choose to get in the water since it was not very cold in the cove.

This was when the drama happened. Adrian ended up getting stung by a jellyfish in this cove. Jasa and I saw one in the water when we arrived but thought it was gone and didn’t think to tell Ramiro as he didn’t see it. Jasa got in with Adrian and he kept clinging to his dad and Jasa was trying to encourage him to let go and must have bumped him right into the jellyfish. This is the aftermath a couple of days later….

Now, I know what you are thinking………….so who peed on it?? I have gotten that question from every American we have told this story too. I am sure to your disappointment, Jasa didn’t have to further psychologically damage his son by doing this act as Ramiro (thankfully) had some sort of jellyfish cream to put on to help with the pain. He screamed bloody murder for about 15 minutes but Ramiro quickly tried to get his mind off of it by offering to feed the fish potato chips which was a highlight for him.

You can imagine that Adrian was pretty excited to show off his new battle wounds at school to his teachers and friends. I am sure I will hear about it from some parents too. After the drama, we decided to head to another cove that had two restaurants on it and get some food. You can’t see very well in the picture below but there is a restaurant in the rocks and we had a nice lunch there before heading back to the port for the day.

At one point, we tried to extend our stay because we loved being in Mallorca so much. There is so much to see or do on this island. If you are a family, the beaches will be a hit or if you are looking to party, there is a place for you too. If you want to be active, we saw many bikers and hikers along the way. Really Mallorca is a place where anything goes (literally, saw plenty of topless women and naked kids on the beach), you can do what you want there and worship the sun gods in the process. Consider adding this place to your bucket list as there is something for everyone in Mallorca, even puppy.

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