Cost of living in Torrevieja

Living in Torrevieja is quite cheap. I will give you some tips to buy very good quality food in supermarkets, but also to eat outside.

Torrevieja, as the whole Spain, is one the best places where you can be sure that what you are eating it is really organic food. Do not miss to eat vegetables here; we are having the best tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, marrows, leeks, carrots. Make your own vegetable shakes. All your family would drink them; they are healthy and easy to do. Here we call it Gazpacho and it is mainly done with fresh tomatoes, olive oil, water and salt. Cost of the vegetables more or less 1€/kg. That means around 0.40€ per person! Is it not cheap?

In the supermarkets you can find offers for fish and meat every day, you can get typical Spanish fishes for 2,50€/ kg.
Bread 0.40€
1l.of milk 0.60
5l. of water 1.50€

You can find a lot of places to buy take away food, not only the typical burgers, pizzas or kebab which you can find everywhere, but also Spanish home cooking food. In big supermarkets you can find potato omelet, gazpacho or pasta to be warmed at home. This option is very cheap, just spend about 3 or 4€ for four people lunch time.

But also in small shops around city centre it is very easy to find any kind of Spanish food warm ready to eat for around 6€ per person. Fish; meat, salad, roast chicken, etc.

If you prefer to eat in restaurants or terraces, you can find menu from 7€, around the beach. There are a lot of options to eat in free buffet, pasta, meat, Mediterranean food, Chinese food, the cost of them usually is around 10€ in the lunch time and 15€ for dinner time.

The famous Paella with sea food usually cost around 10€ for two people.
The time schedule is adapted for Europeans so you can find them open anytime from 1 till 1.

Having a cocktail after dinner in the promenade is very good option to finish your holiday, take one for 5€, imported beer, glass of Spanish wine and “tinto de verano”, summer wine for 2€ or Spanish beer for 1€. There is no reason for being at home in Torrevieja.

We also went two days ago a fantastic place called SIDRERIA “ El llagar de Isa” where you can have a bottle of 1l SIDRA for 3.50€ refreshing and very nice for summer nights. And you are given your own waiter to be serving you all the time!

Take an ice-cream in the promenade for 2€, a huge number of different flavors to be tested but I recommend turron, which is a Spanish sweet for Christmas time which is now also used in summer for ice cream, in my opinion delicious.
So as you can see, it is not expensive to live in Torrevieja.
Do not hesitate and came to see to have a wonderful holidays never was so easy.




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