Christmas Traditions From Around The World

The ads are appearing on TV, the decorations are going up and the shops are filling with frantic shoppers. Christmas is definitely coming. Like a magical sleigh pulled by a troupe of gravity-defying reindeer, the Christmas season sweeps over the world, sprinkling seasonal joy and jarring advertising alike. That’s not to say that everyone celebrates the most wonderful time of the year in the same way.

For us here in the Northern hemisphere we can look forward to a winter wonderland of rushing through the snow on our way to build snowmen and go ice skating on picturesque frozen ponds. Well, maybe not quite so snowy, but even down under, where summer heatwaves greet the holiday season, Christmas cards depict snowdrifts and wooly scarves. This is even more bizarre when you consider that Aussies flock to the beach in their thousands on Christmas Day. It seems every country has a different way of celebrating Christmas, some closely tied to religious tradition, some to ancient rituals and others to recent business strategies.  Whatever their tradition, we’ve brought you a run down of the most unusual Christmas traditions, so wherever you are in the world this yuletide, you’ll not be surprised by what’s going on. Read the rest of the article on



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